pepijn aben         film en televisie geluid


In 1991 finished study Sound Engineer at the Film Academy in Amsterdam.
Since then worked on a big variation of movies Documentary, Drama and Wildlife.
Starting with the Nagra 4 open reel recorder, then DAT, and now with Aaton HD recorder.
From the extremes of working + 45 c heat of the Sahara to working in the - 45 c extreme cold temperatures of the North pole and Mongolia.
From wildlife movies in Tanzania recording all sort of animals to recording Classical concerts.
In 1998 I extended my experience to combine my location sound work with audio postproduction as well. Together with Michel Schöpping (former Klink audio) and Mark Glynne from Anthill Sound design I work on postproduction of documentaries and feature films.
As a sound editor for dialogue, Atmo and Fx, and as a foley artist.

I own my own equipment for production sound and for audio postproduction.